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Take a closer look under the hood.

Why should you be concerned about the UAW's presence here on our turf? In our state?

Alabama's auto industry has driven the state's economy for years, and it faces a potential threat from a UAW infiltration. While individuals in the industry have the right to decide on unionization, it's crucial to be well-informed.

The UAW's PR campaign includes misleading information about our auto industry, alleging inadequate wages and benefits. In essence, the UAW aims to reshape Alabama in Detroit's image, which may not be in your and the state’s best interests.

For the future. For Alabama. For the better.

Alabama's thriving auto industry, born three decades ago from humble beginnings, serves as a remarkable testament to our state's global business potential. With over 50,000 secure, well-paying jobs spread across Alabama, it has positively impacted both urban and rural communities.

Currently ranked among the top five auto-producing states, Alabama continues to grow. However, maintaining our momentum means keeping the UAW at bay.

The five global automakers have poured more than $15 billion into Alabama, not only creating job opportunities within the plants but also stimulating the local economy, benefiting businesses such as small retail shops and restaurants.

Before you sign know what's on the line.

Thinking about signing that electronic union authorization card?

You should exercise great care when signing anything a union organizer or supporter gives you. Be aware that union authorization cards are legal documents that authorize the UAW to be your exclusive bargaining representative in your workplace. These cards are good for one year, and the UAW can use your signed card to demand your employer recognize it as your exclusive bargaining representative. This can deprive you of your right to cast a secret ballot on whether you really want a union.

Remember: Be very cautious when asked to sign an authorization card as you would with any important legal document.

Bottom line...

Alabama's auto industry has thrived independently, with no significant contribution from the UAW. Local autoworkers have consistently rejected unionization attempts, preferring direct collaboration with their employers. Alabama's pro-business environment has fostered growth and stability, avoiding layoffs even during economic challenges like the pandemic.

As the auto industry transitions to electric vehicles, Alabama's skilled workforce remains vital. However, the UAW's decline, with a membership drop from 1.5 million to around 400,000, raises questions about the value of union involvement.

Did you know two recent UAW presidents have been convicted of embezzling more than $5 million in union money – paid by members’ dues – and gone to prison? In all since 2017, 16 people have been convicted for their roles in the UAW’s corruption scandal. The UAW is subjected to federal independent monitoring because of this corruption.