Let’s Not Sign Away Our Future.

Alabama’s auto industry has been the primary growth engine for the state’s economy for decades, driving job opportunities that never existed here before. Its future is threatened by a UAW attack seeking to impose the union’s way of business on your life. The stakes have never been higher.

Here's what the UAW is not telling you...


They can use your authorization card to impose their representation on you without you ever having a vote on whether you want the UAW to represent you.


They can and do make many promises about what they will get for workers, but these claims are often empty promises to get workers to sign up.


Membership requires payment of monthly dues to the Union.


Members can be put on trial and disciplined or fined for violating UAW rules.


They can make it harder to reward and promote high-achieving workers.


They can drive up costs, leading to strained relationships between labor and management.

Alabamians like you have built and expanded the automotive industry from scratch over the last 30 years – producing more than 50,000 jobs for Alabamians making nearly 1,000,000 cars every year.

Now the UAW wants its piece of the Alabama pie, and they may say anything to get you to give it to them.